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Why should you choose organic baby clothes?

{In collaboration with Gigil}

Are you more mindful about the shops you to choose to buy your baby’s clothes from than you once were? Are you now interested in how their clothes are made and how long they will last? And are you more conscious of how their skin may react to the clothes you dress them in? If yes to all three, you may want to consider making the switch to organic baby clothes.

I must admit that I fall into the bracket of parents who aren’t too bothered about whether their own go-to pair of leggings for £3 will go bobbly after one wash, but, who do really care about the quality of their baby’s clothes. There is nothing worse than seeing your baby’s beautiful baby grows lose their colour, stretch or even shrink in size even after washing them correctly. 

There are so many choices we have to make for our baby in the first year, and something I didn’t even think about before becoming a parent was how the clothes we choose for our baby can impact their health, comfort and even the environment. 

You may be wondering what organic even means, how important it actually is and where to even start. To help you on your way, we speak to Patrick Collinson, managing director at baby clothing brand, Gigil. Gigil specialise in organic baby clothing for the 1st and what they describe as the most important year. 

Where did the idea to launch Gigil come from?

The idea of Gigil came from me looking for baby clothing to buy my friend as a gift and couldn’t find anything that took my fancy and that was made sustainably. 

What makes Gigil unique to other baby clothing brands?

Gigil is unique to other clothing brands mainly by the fabrics we use and the gender neutral styles we create.

Gigil believes that getting your baby’s clothing right in the first year is so important. Why?

A baby is born with up to 5 times thinner skin than your own. This means that chemicals and toxic dyes that are used in clothing can be absorbed easier and quicker for babies. That’s why we think that you should spend that little bit extra while your baby is adapting from being inside there mothers body to being in a chemical and polluted world that we live in today.

Why do you believe should parents opt for organic clothing for their babies and why is it good for the environment to choose organic baby clothes?

  • Conventionally-farmed cotton is one of the most chemically-dependent crops (25 different pesticides and fertilizers, several of which are toxic to humans or are known carcinogens).
  • Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.
  • Organic cotton uses less energy, releases less greenhouse gas, does not contaminate groundwater, and, due to improved soil quality, uses significantly less water.
  • Conventional cotton farming can pose serious health risks to the farmers and farming communities.
  • Conventional cotton products can cause skin irritations and other health effects due to residues of pesticides and chemicals
  • Certified organic cotton is produced using no toxic chemicals throughout the entire production process, ensuring a healthier working environment for farmers and mill workers, and a healthier, higher-quality product for the end user.

Do you have any new products launching soon?

We have sleeping bags and dungarees as well as new changing backpacks all launching in the very near future!  


Photo of organic baby clothing

Arlo wearing the Gigil Reversible Tracksuit

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