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When you haven’t stuck to your routine: Ditching the guilt

Many of us have routines. Many of us write lists. And many of us feel guilty if we don’t stick to it. The chaos and the unpredictability of life, or the need to simply  just take. a. moment seems to almost always create ‘the not-working enough’ or ‘not-being productive enough’ guilt. 

And that was exactly what I was feeling last night. I went to bed feeling guilty. It was the first time in a while I’d felt like this.

Monday’s are usually my most productive days. If you would have read my life update post, you would know I’ve been really focused on journalling, making lists and developing daily habits and Monday’s have naturally become my most get up and go kind of day. 

 But something was just different yesterday.

We had another weekend back in London and now we were home, the sea air was calling us. So I scrapped my to-do list, work took a backseat and we headed to the beach. 

We had fun. Why did I feel guilty? 


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Like with anything, when you’ve made that commitment, that sort of mind-promise that you will do something and you don’t end up doing it, even if it is just for a day, the guilt starts. Whether it’s house chores or work, it almost always leaves us feeling like we have done something wrong for not following through with our usual routine, or what we’d promised ourselves.

In an ideal world, there are minimal distractions and your productivity is through the roof, but sometimes our reality couldn’t be further away from this. Throw kids into the mix and the struggle to find the balance is real.

But I’m ready to ditch that guilt (and no, not because it’s raining as I am writing this and I’m thinking good job we did venture to the beach yesterday) but because I don’t have any reason to feel guilty.

It’s all part of the journey 

Whether it’s a Netflix binge, leaving the dishes until the next morning, crashing out at 8pm, singing nursery rhymes all day, shopping, heading to the beach. Whatever has left us feeling guilty, we neeeeed it. We need to avoid the routine sometimes to have a break, to recharge or simply because we feel like it. 

What would the alternative be? To go ahead with it even though our heart is not in it? 

We should reward ourselves for listening to what we actually want, and then reward ourselves again for going through with it. After all, we know that it’s not every day – once in a while never hurt nobody. 

So what if we started scheduling in “the less productive” days?

Ok so we might not exactly know when we want these days so rather than physically scheduling them in, what if we were less harsh on ourselves and instead treated these days as important days. Important days that are good for us.

Yesterday was important. Arlo had so much fun and I wanted some sea air. I felt recharged and more inspired than I did before I left the house. Look at what good came from it. Why did I focus on the one negative of having not done what I said I would? 

We set our routine, we set our lists, we are in charge and we make the rules. And it’s ok to bend the rules. Let’s start embracing the chaos, the moments of silence, the moments of doing nothing, and the fun. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that we should never ever measure our worth with our productivity. Here’s to no more guilt.

Lots of love x


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