Weaning: Avanchy Review

It’s been a week since Arlo began exploring new tastes and textures and today marks his first clean bowl. I couldn’t be prouder of him. It was amazing watching him open his mouth wide and smiling away after every spoonful.

I blended together 1 pear and 1/2 avocado for his breakfast and he loved it!

And what better way to accompany this big milestone than Arlo’s very own brand new tableware. We tried out the Avanchy Organic Bamboo Suction Bowl and Bamboo Infant Spoons which we were gifted earlier this week.


The bamboo suction bowl’s non-slip design makes feeding so easy, especially now Arlo is into grabbing everything, his food actually stays on the table in front of him.


The bowls come in a range of colours but we opted for green which came with a matching green spoon.


Also made from sustainable bamboo the infant spoon set offers five spoons in vibrant colours and each one features a super soft silicon tip. This is to prevent any injury while feeding your baby which gives me great confidence when feeding Arlo or when he decided to grab the spoon and feed himself!


Aside from looking stylish in your kitchen, bamboo has a whole heep of benefits including:

  • natural material so does not contain toxic additives
  • light in weight which means they can be lifted by babies easily
  • anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • does not get damaged easily
  • biodegradable material

You can shop the rest of the Avanchy dishware range here.

Happy weaning!




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