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Twinning on holiday

Article originally written by me for MANCUB.

Have you been dreaming about a holiday since January 1st? Don’t worry, me too.

While jumping on planes and touching down in hot climates won’t be as relaxing as it was before the kids came along, there is nothing better than exploring a new destination with your mini-me’s.

OK, sunbathing will be limited and peaceful meals out are probably a thing of the past, but this doesn’t mean you’ve been short changed. Family holidays will give you all the freedom and space to spend quality time with your gang.

By the pools or at the beach, the prospect of unlimited fun in the sun with dad is on the horizon, but this summer the real game changer will be matching swimwear with his hero.

Knowing the swim shorts are sorted, packed and ready for your break away is one thing, but the father and son memories you’re going to make will be what lasts a lifetime.

Quality time

Holidays are special to us because it means we get to spend time with those closest to us. Happy kids equals happy parents is the way it usually goes, and holidays are all about doing things you can all enjoy together. Matching swimwear will represent a symbol of recognition and unity for father and son magic and will encourage one-on-one time whichever activity is at play.

Proud to match with Dad

Whether it’s lounging by the pool, playing bat and ball on the beach, or if you’ve been sent on an ice lolly hunt, cubs will be right by your side to accompany you. They’ll be proud to match with dad. Here’s to hoping that the kids will always find their parents cool, but we know that’s not always going to be the case, so let’s lap up the cool dad notion while it lasts.


Confidence: Home & away

Matching with dad in the sunshine will give your little cub encouragement in and around the water and boost confidence throughout your holiday. Cubs will feel determined to face anything the day throws at them and handle it like a superhero, just like their dad. This confidence will rub off on holiday and continue on after their travels, promoting self esteem and sense of belonging at home and away.

Twining is winning

If you didn’t know that matching family outfits has blown up on social media over the last few years, where have you been?! If they’re old enough, even your kids will know that it’s so cool to wear the same as dad, so the thought of it on holiday, boom! They may even help you with the packing…OK, this one’s a bit of a long shot.

Family style – capture it!

Cubs will be super excited every morning to get ready for a packed day at the beach or by the pools and will love showing off their style to everyone around them. Matching with dad will turn heads, and inspire. Your little cub will love the attention with dad.

Everyone loves a bit of a holiday spam on their socials, but throwing in a #matchymatchy will entertain families everywhere so why not inspire some more and share your snaps! Check out the MANCUB matching outfits here.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BeingMANCUB

Let the holiday countdown begin…


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