Top 10 Parenting Apps to Boss Your Way Through the First Year of Parenthood

There is an app for absolutely anything these days. And new parents haven’t been left out either. There are hundreds and hundreds of baby apps out there designed to help new parents, or even parents who have done it before, to navigate their way through the first year of parenthood and beyond. The demands of parenthood can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning, so having handy tips, tricks and information stored in our little devices can be a bit of a lifesaver.

But with so many to choose from it’s difficult to know which ones to download, so to help you on your way here is a roundup of the best apps to make life as a new parent a bit easier…



A multi-awarding winning app that tells parents exactly what is going on with their baby.  The personalised app will provide you with a weekly update on your baby and any mental leaps and fussy phases your babies will go through to help them discover and build awareness about the world around them.

Download here.



An app for ‘modern motherhood.’ It can be difficult to meet new people and make friends as a new mum but Peanut is a super easy way to connect with likeminded mums in your local area. Simply fill out your personal information, likes, interests and much more and find your perfect mummy match. 

Download here.



Record your newborn’s feeds, nappies, sleeps, and growth’s all on one app. The app also stores all your baby’s activity on a timeline for new parents to identify patterns and routines making it easier to stay on top of feeding and more. 

Download here.



It can be a real hassle trying to find a baby changing facility, especially if you need one fast. Find your nearest nappy and baby changing facilities on the move wherever you are with the NCT Baby Change App. What is great about it too is that each location is rated on cleanliness. 

Download here.



Your new go-to app for kids activities and entertainment local to you, from newborn-11 years old. Thousands of free things to do are listed on the app which you can filter through location, your child’s age and more.

Download here.



With 25 years of food experience, Annabel Karmel is a child food expert. She is one of the UK’s most trusted source when it comes to cooking for our little ones. With the Annabel Karmel app you can prepare nutritious, simple and quick meals for children of every age and stage with over 300 recipes to choose from. 

Download here. 



Every day family life can be a lot to keep up with but with Cozi you can simply manage your daily tasks with a shared calendar, reminders, shopping lists and more. The app even provides a recipe box where you will be able to organise all of your weekly meals in one place.



Everybody warns you just how fast your baby’s magical milestones pass you by but never forget a moment with Baby Pics. The app lets you keep track of every milestone through photos and easy-to-use templates, artwork and text.

Download here. 



Parenthood can be a very overwhelming time and that’s why it’s so comforting to know that there is somebody on the other side of your phone to speak to. TALKSPACE connects mums and dads to a licensed therapist from the privacy of your own home and will be on tap to help you with any issues you might be struggling with. 

Download here.



Baby health information all in one app. Providing parents with 400 articles, 70 videos and 600 tips from paediatricians. Based on your baby’s age you can search for important health information and advice as well as log key growth developments.

Download here.


This article was originally written by me for Babymoov.



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  1. Stephanie williams
    December 4, 2019 / 3:00 pm

    Babe this is so helpful!about to download three of the apps!thank you!amazing read as always❤️❤️❤️

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