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This post has been written in collaboration with kids crafts gift store, CottonTwist. 

Planning a kids birthday party is an exciting time but it also takes a lot of preparation and thought. From deciding which theme to go for, what games will be played, to where the celebration will be held, there is a lot to think about. But for many parents, the clearing up is usually an after thought. And not just how long it will take to clear up the party but what to do with all the rubbish afterwards. 

Recent figures show that 91% of plastic in the world isn’t recycled.  And of course, some of this problem is out of our control but households can start to do their bit for the environment by making small, manageable changes. If you’re planning your kids birthday party, why not start now and make it as plastic-free as possible?

From the plates, the cups, the uneaten food to the gift wrap and throw-away decorations, the waste after a kids birthday party is never ending. This year do something different, do something that will be a little bit kinder to the environment. 

Here are 6 easy peasy ways to get you started…


Kids party

 Instead of opting for plastic party bags this year, go for paper ones. Paper bags are mostly made from materials that are easy to decompose- cutting down on toxic waste. They can be easily recycled after use too.

Check out Cotton Twist’s paper party bags ready for filling.



Kids party

 Unleash your creative side and make your own decorations for your kids birthday party. Not only will you be able to reuse year after year, but they will look really effective so they will be a great way to wow your guests. 

Here are some ideas to get you started, you might surprise yourself! 

Simple birthday DIY decor. 



Some disposable cutlery and plates can’t be avoided. But you could always try to get some cheap crockery or borrow some from friends and family. They’ll be more washing up, but it will be a good way to teach your kids about throwing out unnecessary waste.

Here are some other swaps you could do.

  • Ditch plastic straws for paper ones instead.
  • Use a drink dispenser which won’t only look great but the kids will love helping themselves, and ir can be used over and over again.
  • Serve finger food on platters that do not need to be thrown away and can be used again.
  • Food that can be hand held…
  • IDEA: Fruit kebabs on wooden sticks.  



Seeing as everything else is online, why not make your invites for your kids birthday party also digital. Paperless post is becoming more and more popular and it is super convenient for busy parents to try. 



It can be tempting to over-do-it at your kids party. There is so much choice and it’s normal to worry that you might not have enough for all of your guests. Just try to be a bit stricter with yourself this time and don’t buy too much. The kids are always having too much fun to eat everything anyway and just think of all the plastic food packaging you will have to throw away afterwards.



Kids party

Perfect for a party, these fun themed boxes are a great and more greener alternative to traditional party packaging. These boxes will help apportion food, cutting down on uneaten food waste at the end of the celebrations. 

Cotton Twist have a range of party boxes come in different themes and can be reused and recycled after use!  See them here.

Enjoy your fun and more greener birthday celebration! 


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