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Things I no longer do now I’m a mum

It’s crazy how much your life changes once you have a baby. Sometimes I find it hard to even remember life before having Arlo but after putting him to bed last night and watching the first ten minutes of The Brits (at which point I had to sprint back and put his dummy back in) I started to recall the simple things I used to do (like watching The Brits all the way through) before I became a mum.

Listen to new music

I have always been into my music but once I had returned to watching the awards last night I came to the sad realisation that I no longer keep up to date with the latest music or even listen to new music for my own pleasure. But it’s good to see JT still doing his thing.  I love playing music to Arlo but relaxing to music or listening to music while I’m out and and about isnt something I do now.

Netflix binge

Gone are the days where I’d watch one episode after another. Me and Arlo’s  dad will be lucky to get a full episode of How To Get Away With Murder on a weekend while Arlo naps. Even when we agree to watch a couple of episodes once he goes to sleep for the night, one of us ends up pulling out because we’re too tired.

Read a book

I have never been someone to read lots of books but I did enjoy reading a book every now and again. I read lots as a child and then sort of lost interest in my teens but university got me into reading again and I remember buying lots of classics that I hadn’t yet read and said to myself by the end of the year I will have read them all. Of course that went out the window when I became pregnant; the only reading material I’d be engrossed in would be Mumsnet or my pregnancy apps.

Leave the house without feeling like I’ve already left the house and been back again three times

Gone are the days where I would put my shoes on, grab my bag and head for the door. Leaving the house is a full on mission and I have to give myself more time and more time on top of that if we’ve arranged to meet anyone at a certain time or have an appointment.

Take long baths

I used to love relaxing in the bath, especially while I was pregnant (I always like to think that’s why Arlo loves his baths now). I think I’ve had two uninterrupted baths since having Arlo and I think all the rest have definitely been cut short. Quick showers when all you can here is your baby crying in your head, is what it’s all about now.



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