Surviving a summer pregnancy: Tips on how to get through it

Dreaming of a cold winter’s day or ice on tap? A summer pregnancy can leave you feeling less than glamorous and have you questioning why you ever took those winter months for granted. You are tired, your growing bump is feeling heavier by the day, and you have just kind of learnt to live with your sweaty palms but, rest assured, this is very normal.

Your core body temperature in pregnancy is usually a bit higher than normal due to:
• An increased blood flow
• Hormonal changes in your body
• And the heat produced by the placenta
Here are 9 tricks to make pregnant life easier and cooler for you this summer…

Keep hydrated


Drinking lots of water is essential for a healthy pregnancy and it’s really important you stay hydrated, especially in the warmer months. Always make sure you have a bottle of water in your bag when you leave the house – the recommended amount is a minimum of 8 cups a day. Running your wrists under cold water when you’re feeling hot is also an effective way to cool you down fast.

Pregnancy hack:
Fill up an empty spray bottle with water- keep it in the fridge and give your face neck and arms a spray whenever you are feeling hot.

Reduce your salt intake

Summer pregnancy

Too much salt in your diet during pregnancy will encourage water retention in your body. Try and stick to foods which are low in salt, especially whilst it’s hot. In addition you should make sure you are keeping your feet elevated when you can and try to moisturise the swollen areas frequently.

Eat “cooling foods”

Summer pregnancy

Have a favourite summer salad? Try and eat more of it this summer while you’re pregnant. Lots of components that make up our favourite salad dishes are known as “cooling foods” which work to keep your body temperature down. Also, vegetables like watercress, cucumbers and carrots are also all classed as “cooling foods” as are bananas, spinach and coconut water.

Get swim-ready

Summer pregnancy

Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t get down to the beach, head to your nearest swimming pool or visit your local lido. Invest in a maternity swimsuit or bikini and maybe even a float and be ready for all the cool feels.

Pregnancy swimming class


If you enjoy swimming you may want to check out pregnancy exercise classes near to where you live. It will be a good way to meet fellow mums-to-be and will also be a great bonding activity for you and bump!
Breathable maternity wear

Starting from your underwear through to the clothes you wear during your pregnancy this summer, comfort is key. Light weight, breathable maternity underwear and clothing which fits properly is essential to help you feel more cool.

Try nesting in the morning


Tendency to nest at at least one point during your day? Make sure you do your cleaning, tidying or anything else in the morning when it’s most cool. Nesting in the afternoon will be sure to leave you hot and bothered.

Gel cooling eye masks


Stick a few gel cooling eye masks in the fridge so you can just get one out when you’re at home and feeling hot. Lay down in the coolest part of your home, play some music and pop them on. That will be sure to help you relax and make you feel cooler.

Mocktails anyone?


Who said pregnancy had to be boring? Get creative and make some fruity mocktails to sip on this summer. Mocktails are an effective and delicious way to keep you feeling cool.
Get inspired with these recipes.

10 Mocktail Recipes to Enjoy During Pregnancy

Have a happy summer pregnancy!


{Article originally written by me for The Bamboo Baby Company}


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  1. July 17, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    I still haven’t cooled down from my third pregnancy and my daughter will be 3 this September, so I am always looking for tips on how to keep cool. I actually traveled to the Canaries heavily pregnant in August which definitely had it’s challenges. Dana x x

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