Stuff I said I’d never do as a mum

I can just hear myself now… “Yes I’ll definitely be doing that,” “Nope, I won’t be doing that.” Throughout my pregnancy I thought I had all the answers and I was pretty certain on what I thought I would and wouldn’t do but it all changed once I actually had Arlo. I know that there will be lots more stuff that I said I wouldn’t do as he gets older but here is a few that I’ve noticed so far.

1. The dummy.

They’re a god send. I don’t care what anyone else says, they really have helped to soothe Arlo at night and when we’re out and about. I’ve spoken about my feelings towards the dummy further on this post  but it’s crazy to think that I said I didn’t want to use one. I guess there’s a lot of negativity about using the dummy out there to read up on when you’re pregnant, but now I am a mum I don’t believe you should be judged for using one.

2. Breastfeeding.

This was something that I really couldn’t see myself doing. I was almost certain that I wouldn’t nurse Arlo and it’s just crazy to think that I have exclusively breastfed him for four and a half months. We have now introduced formula in the morning and at night but I am continuing to breastfeed him during the day. I absolutely love breastfeeding and I couldn’t imagine our feeding time without it and I’ll be really sad to stop! The bond it creates between you and your baby is something that we hear as pregnant women all the time, but it’s so true. I was fortunate enough to experience the perfect latch moments after he was born and I really haven’t looked back since. He can be fussy and demanding at times and it does of course come with its challenges but my advice to anyone who is pregnant and considering breastfeeding would be to at least give it a go and if you can do it, then do it!

3. Co-sleeping.

Arlo has always been a great sleeper even in the early days he’d simply wake for his feeds and was easy to settle back to sleep. He was in his moses basket for the first three months but when he got too big for it we tried to put him in his cot but he didn’t settle very well in there and would wake up frequently. We’ve now got a bedtime for him around 8pm and he will happily sleep through till 12am in his carry cot from his pram which we place inside the cot. At about 12am he’ll wake for a feed and it’s impossible to settle him back in his carry cot afterwards so he sleeps in the bed with us. When I was pregnant I said I wouldn’t co-sleep purely because of the risk factors but it really does work for us, he’s happy and we’re happy. Once he reaches 6/7 months I will be looking at techniques to get him to settle all night in his cot but right now this is our little routine and it works for us!

4. TV.

When I was pregnant I said I didn’t want to keep putting on kids TV for Arlo but in the mornings I have been putting on a few shows for him while I get things done around the house. The TV can be stimulating and although he tends to get bored after 15 minutes, you’ll be surprised on what you can get done in 15 minutes! I’m not one of those people that would be funny about letting their children watch TV, I enjoy television as much as the next person, but I just didn’t like the idea of lazily resulting in putting on the TV for him but sometimes it’s the perfect distraction whilst I run around tidying up!

If there is one thing that motherhood has taught me so far it’s to go with your gut and what you, and you only, think is best. You know your baby and you know what works for you so crack on and do what makes you both happy!




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