Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

If you would have asked me what fine motor skills were a year ago, I would have guessed it was something to do with cars. It wasn’t until as a first-time mum I started buying children’s toys that I began noticing the phrase all the time and decided to learn the proper definition.

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles, in movements—usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers. Mind blown. It’s crazy just how much you learn when you become a parent and with this now being one of them I recognised this key learning feature on Arlo’s new toy Spike the Hedgehog straight away! 

We were recently kindly sent Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog from Leaning Resources to review. This cute hedgehog toy is all about fine motor skills where toddlers can use their hands and fingers over and over again while also encouraging colour recognition. 


For toddlers 18 months+, this is the ultimate (as I like to call it) “put in, take out” toy. Arlo has always enjoyed toys that allow him to take something out and then put it back in and he has just recently started to copy us by putting things back on the side once he’s done with them. For example once he’s finished drinking his water, he’ll then put it back, just to get it down a moment later to of course then just put it back again. You get the point. So having a toy where the aim of the game is to insert and then remove, it’s proving a hit! 


The purpose is to put all of Spike’s quills into his back, you can push them right down, remove and rearrange in any order. The two part hedgehog then opens up to store the quills once you have finished. 

As expected, when we first started playing, Arlo loved opening up Spike’s back and closing it again. I then showed him that we take the quills out and insert them through the holes. 


The set includes 12 quills which are made up of four colours- red, orange, purple and I’ve been using them to practice colours with him. I’ve been naming the colours as he inserts each one. He’s now mastered the colour green and says it when you show him something green…


Once we got the quills out again, I then started sorting them by colour and encouraging him to only put the red ones in Spike’s back, or the purple ones. 

You can then make two-colour patterns on Spike’s back and then direct your toddler to carry on the pattern on the next row.

The holes on Spike’s back are also labelled by numbers up to 12 and you can practice counting each time your toddler puts a quill in the hole. I’ve been doing this with Arlo and he seems to get really excited when I reach the number 3 because he thinks something’s going to happen!


Spike is light in weight and is a new fun character for Arlo to play with and we even point to his eyes and even his nose to practice learning facial parts.

The quills are also soft and light which makes it a great toy for independent play. But what I also love is that it’s an activity you can enjoy together knowing your toddler’s having fun but also learning lots at the same time.

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is available to buy at Learning Resources.

{This post was written in collaboration with Learning Resources}


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