Putting my life insurance into place with Love Insured

This post is in collaboration with Love Insured.

For many of us, making sure our loved ones are protected if the worst was to happen, is something that we know we should get sorted, but for some reason or another continue to put off. That was me until last month when I finally got round to protecting my loved ones and decided to put my life insurance into place. 

There always has been and probably always will be a grey cloud surrounding life insurance, because of course this kind of inevitable isn’t something we ever want to think about. But right now, where the future has proven to be uncertain for many of us and our families, I think there is no better time to consider protecting our loved ones.


When you become a parent it’s not just you anymore. It’s you and them. They become your number one priority and you’re not just living for you, you’re living for them.  Being a parent means continuously putting your child’s needs before your own, and with that comes the responsibility of making sure they will be ok and protected financially when you can no longer care or support them. 

Knowing that Arlo is protected and will be ok financially if the worst was to ever occur has put my mind at ease and that is all thanks to Kelly at Love Insured.

Kelly who is a mum of three, understands just how important it as a parent to know that our little ones will be protected in the future.  She works to help mums and dads here in the UK get covered easily, with no stress and complete support and guidance from start to finish.


Life insurance

Before I even looked into getting life insurance, one of the things that put me off was the assumption that it would be stressful and confusing. I thought I would be bombarded with different quotes, have a thousand pages of forms to fill out and end up paying over the odds each month. This all couldn’t have been further from what it was like. 

Kelly took the time to understand my needs, my financial situation and what I felt comfortable with paying to ensure Arlo would be protected. She guided me through lots of different quotes, comparing and adjusting options to find the right policy for me. We met up and did the forms together and you can either do the same or discuss your options and complete everything easily over the telephone. I was left with peace of mind, clarity and was entirely happy and confident with my policy. A massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I have my policy in place and now can carry on with our lives without having to worry and you can do exactly the same. You can get your FREE quote & see for yourself just how easy it is to protect your loved ones and go through life with your children with one less worry at the back of your mind!

Visit www.loveinsured.co.uk to find out more.




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