Our first family holiday: Packing tips for baby or toddler

Last month we went on our first family holiday where we stayed at Domes of Elounda in beautiful Crete for a press trip collaboration. It was mine and my partner’s first time on the island and Arlo’s first time on a plane! My fear of Arlo screaming down the plane didn’t last long as he actually ended up sleeping for majority of both flights, I couldn’t believe it! When he was awake however, we were ready to keep him occupied and I wanted to share some things that we packed that were a big help not just for him on the plane but for the rest of our holiday…


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Dinner at Blend! Domes of Elounda, Crete.


Before parenthood, packing for your holiday would always require a bit of planning but add a baby into the mix, there’s now even more to think about.

While the build up to exploring another country with your baby or toddler is exciting, it can be a tricky task ensuring you have everything you may need here are some essentials you may have missed:



Depending on the flight time, there will be a few different things you will need while travelling – here are a few essentials to consider:

  • If hiring a car – Car seat & car window shade
  • Lightweight, portable pushchair
  • Pushchair shade
  • Travel cot (if required)
  • Plus, change of clothes in hand luggage for you and baby!
Holiday with toddler

Exploring Plaka, Crete.



You’ll know just how many clothes baby gets through in a day so the more lightweight layers the better.  Items you may have missed:

  • Shawl or scarf for baby
  • Non slip shoes
  • Cotton sun hat (for you both)
  • Plus a few warm layers as the weather can change at any time!


Travelling with toddler


Holiday with toddler


Aside from wash bag, beach bag and medicine pouch, here are two others that will be handy:

  • Cool bag / picnic bag
  • Airport Trunki – good for storing some clothes, travel pillow and if baby is old enough, handy for them to sit on during airport queues!


Pack your toiletries for you and baby as you normally would but here are four toiletries that will prove super handy that you may have forgotten about:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Talcum powder (great for getting sand off)
  • Sunscreen for babies sensitive skin
  • Plus universal travel bath plug (for turning basins into baby baths)


  • Ready-made formula
  • Formula powder/breast pump
  • Lots of snacks, and food pouches
  • Sterilising equipment
  • Lolly or sweet for plane take off / landing pressure (for toddlers)


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Dinner time! Domes of Elounda, Crete.



  • Low noise toys such as play dough, crayons or small figures
  • Puzzles
  • New toys wrapped up to give child something to do
  • Stickers for window
  • Tablet / phone for Baby TV
Travelling with baby

Our tablet came in handy not just for the plane but also for quiet times like this around the pool, usually before his nap!


MY MUST HAVE – KEEP EM QUIET TRAVEL PACKFilled with books, a puzzle, sticker & colouring books, snacks and much more, this was so handy for not just the plane but for our holiday too.



travelling with baby



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  1. November 11, 2019 / 10:55 am

    Lovely post and gorgeous photos, it sounds like you had a lovely time. I love traveling with the kids and I too like to organise and ensure I have all bases covered x x

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