Our family photo shoot with Toby Carvery

After lots of messages from people sending me their screenshots after spotting us on social media ads & posts, I thought it was about time to share exactly what we got up to in May this year… 

We were asked to be involved in Toby Carvery’s new summer menu campaign and took part in our first ever family photo shoot and what a great day it was!

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We woke up super early and headed down to Southampton on the train to meet the team and from the moment we got there until the very end we weren’t short of delicious food to try from their summer menu.

Going for a carvery isn’t what usually springs to mind on a hot day, but actually Toby’s across the UK are a great spot for the summer too. And this is what their new campaign is all about! We were so excited to help them push their summer menu out to the public along with their family friendly appeal.  

With lots of summer alternatives on their menu (including vegetarian & vegan options) you can enjoy a Toby Carvery any time of the year… and so can the kids! 




For us as a family, the one thing that stood out to us was their great big outdoor space. In the Southampton spot where the photo shoot took place, the seating outside was by a really cute lake and there was lots of green space for the kids to play and run around on. I think having the option of outdoor space, especially during the summer months with kids, is definitely a winner!




We absolutely loved being a part of their new summer campaign.  Arlo was good as gold (maybe he’s a natural ha ha…) and one of the highlights was definitely seeing him tuck into his kids meal. We will most definitely be back!

Thank you Toby Carvery!

Find a Toby near you! 


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