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My Top Tips To Get Your Life More Organised

We can probably all agree that when you become a parent, suddenly there is just so much more to think about and do. 

As a freelance writer and a stay at home mum, I’m always mindful about organising myself, my work, and managing my time to the best I can. But it’s not always something I get right. So I want to start by saying, it’s ok not to always be on top of everything. It’s unrealistic for us to have everything under control, all the time.

Theses tips are things that genuinely help me feel and stay more organised, everyone is different but they could be just what you need to bring more organisation into your life so why not give them a try…


Predictable start BUT anytime I share my diary or a to-do list on Instagram I have at least one person respond and say that they need to do more of that. Planning your day on paper is something so simple but an absolute game changer. 

how to be more organised

Get yourself a snazzy diary and prioritise a few minutes of your day to write things down.

When I say things, I mean stuff you have to do, stuff you’d like to achieve. Whether it’s putting a wash on, taking the dog out, work-related stuff, cleaning the bathroom, sorting out a cupboard, whatever it is, jot it down. 

SETTING GOALS. I also use my diary for short-term and long-term goals. Whenever a goal or a new aspiration comes into my head, I write it down. You’ll be surprised just how much writing things down helps to give your life a little more order and structure, and you’ll feel great ticking them off as you go or at the end of the day. 




Managing your time is arguably the key to feeling more organised.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your time…

Prioritise the most important stuff first. Figure out what needs to be done now and do it first. The rest can wait till tomorrow. 

Sometime’s you have to say no. Don’t be afraid to decline anything or anyone. Sometimes dealing with your immediate most important commitments first is better than taking on too much, not being able to complete any of it, and giving you stress.

Try waking up earlier than usual. Go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier. I find that I am super productive early in the mornings compared to if I try and get lots done at night. 

Utilise the weekends more. Sometimes we completely right off the weekends and see them as pure leisure but as a freelancer and a mum, my work follows me into the weekend, so do chores, so does everything else, if you think you have time on the weekends, use it too! 


This is something that I need to do more of as I know it’ll save me so much time, and free up my evenings. Try tidying and cleaning up as you go along as it will save you a lot of bother and take the load off when the kids go to bed!


It’s a nightmare when you’re trying to login to something and can’t remember your password. Write them all down in your diary or securely store them on an app on your phone.

This goes for addresses too, write them all down. It seems like every other week there’s somebody’s birthday, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the post office as much since becoming a mum… you’ll be thankful to have them all down in one place.


So this wouldn’t be a complete list of my top tips without mentioning social media!

how to be more organised

As a stay at home mum who works from home, social media, particularly Instagram is part of my day. But for those that work in another industry, but still want to maintain a presence on social media by posting regularly, responding to comments and messages, it can be hard to keep on top of it all.

This was something that came up on my Instagram as one of the requests fort his post.

This could have a whole blog post dedicated to it, but I wanted to include my top three tips.


And planning. When you next get the chance, (for parents maybe when the kids are in bed) sit down and really think about what you want to get out of your social media. Think about why you use it, and what you want to put out there for the world to see (or to your friends & family if of course you’re on private!) Once you have this figured out, try to plan your posts, decide on the days you want to post, and what you want to say. This should make it a lot easier to manage your time on there. 

Here is a great article you might want to have a look at by Later – How to plan Instagram content. Tips for stories, captions & more. 


Once you’ve worked out why you are on social media, what you want to get out of it, and what you want to put into it. Use what they call “Your Dead Time”. 

On a bus, on a flight, in a taxi, in a queue, or just when our kids let us… sometimes without realising it, these are the perfect opportunities to spend some time on social media.

A lot of what you want to do on there only takes a few minutes so try using “your dead time” a lot more to jump on your social media. 

I think it’s about being mindful, as parents especially, of the short spells you have to go on it and using those chances when we can. 


Sometimes when we go on our phones we are guilty of just scrolling, not really taking anything in, not looking at anything meaningful to us.

Try to ensure that every time you are on your social media looking at content, it’s content you are enjoying, that really speaks to you and most importantly inspires you and even gives you ideas for your own social presence. 

Being mindful of this, you will definitely start to feel a lot better after spending time on your phone and it won’t be time wasted. 


Do you have random things in your home in random places? Put an end to that by just giving everything a home. 

photo-1514237487632-b60bc844a47d (1).jpg


If you’re one of those people that loses things regularly, instead of thinking “I’ll put that away later” trying doing it immediately. 

So there you have it, simple tips that help me to lead a more organised life and I hope they work for you too! If you have anymore organisation tips you’d like to suggest feel free to share them on the comments! 



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