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Making friends as a first time mum

Following on from my last post, here is my next article for Emma’s Diary all about making mum friends. 

We all want mum friends. We want someone who we can call at all hours with a question Google failed to answer. We all want someone to go to the park with, to share baby food ideas and other parenting hacks with. We all want to feel like we aren’t alone, and that we are all in the motherhood club together.

I was one of those pregnant mums who just sort of assumed that a group of really great mummy friends would find their way into my life and that I would be friends with them forever. Fast forward to now, I have a two year old, and I’ve realised that was definitely not going to be the case. Making friends with other mums wasn’t easy for me. I was the first one out of my friends to have a baby, I didn’t know any other mums to be or mums with young children, it was all completely new to me. So, where did I start?


My first point of call was mum apps that in short, allow you to meet other mums in your area. The two which I downloaded and used as a new mum were Peanut and Mush. They’re a bit like a dating app, but for mums! Genius right? You share your location, your hobbies and interests, and can swipe right or match with other mums based on all of those things. 

They are a great way to start chatting and getting to know new mums in your area before actually meeting them, perfect for you if you are a bit nervous in approaching mums and introducing yourself out and about on the off chance. 

For me, the apps were great as we had just moved house and I was completely new to the area and didn’t know anybody. I ended meeting a couple of friends who were super local to me and who I am still friends with today. 


And the power of the internet does stop at mum apps. As a blogger, social media has been an amazing tool in allowing me to meet other mums. Instagram and Facebook are probably the two biggest game changers in connecting mums with other likeminded mums and can really be the foundations to a great friendship. 

mum blogger

At the Fred & Flo launch event for F&F Clothing last month. Attending events like this is always a great way for me to meet new parents!

Of course it’s a bonus if one of your followers that you really get on with happens to only be up the road from you, but aside from anything, online friendships can be comforting too. For me, Instagram has been amazing to share the highs and lows of motherhood and can open some doors for some really supportive and comforting conversations with mums just like yourself.


I never had me down as someone to go to parent and baby groups but when I moved to a new area after I had my baby, I knew I had to make the effort. I was pleasantly surprised! I am not saying you will meet life long friends there (you never know though…) but as a fun thing for you and your baby to do and a chance to interact with other parents locally to you, what have you got to loose?

You might not click with everyone, and you may even have to check out a few groups in your area before you find your favourite. But seeing it as a great experience for your baby, an excuse to get out the house for a few hours and with the possibility that you might meet a friend, it’s definitely worth a try! 


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