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Life update

As we approach the final 3 months of 2019 (scary…) I thought it would be a good time to give you all a little life update. If you have been following me a while you will know that I work from home as a writer, and while I love sharing family & parenting content on my blog, it’s been ages since I’ve opened up and really got personal on here. Which is actually quite strange as that’s why I started my blog, to write about me?! I miss being open on here.

I am so open on my Instagram so I thought it was about time my blog got back to basics again. Our big move from the city to the coast, working from home, changes Arlo’s going through, personal growth & development I’ve gone through and my thoughts on a second baby, it’s all here…



2 years?! I can’t believe that next month will mark 2 years since we swapped city life for our first family home in Kent by the sea. For those that don’t know, we are from London originally and made the jump to the coast 2 years ago. Mainly for financial reasons (for a young family starting out, a house in the city was just a no go for us) but we were immediately drawn to where we are now after just one visit and the rest they say, is history.


On the hottest day of the year at the beach!


It’s gone SO quickly. I always get asked on Instagram what I miss most about London, and even though time has gone on, my answer is still the same. Our family being the main one. And the second thing being the hustle and bustle and ‘soul’ as I like to call it, of city life… Something which you only really get if you work and live there for a long time. Something I still get on the train as we roll into St Pancras station.

I’ve not met loads of people since our move. I think that’s what you get what you work from home, have a child and aren’t that social. I made the effort with playgroups and mum apps in the beginning which helped, but I think unless you’re actually out at work somewhere or your kids are in school, it is difficult to meet people. Naturally as I’ve got older my circle has got smaller anyway. I don’t have too much spare time to handle an overflowing phonebook filled with friends; I love where I’m at and I love the people around me.



I just can’t believe the ups and downs and the juggle of it all over the last couple of years. Never did I think I’d work from home as a mummy while looking after my baby. Never ever. I always planned to return to work once my maternity leave was up. But I just got so comfortable after graduating and having Arlo. Building my Instagram, writing for my blog and re-connecting with my passion of writing… I was just so determined to make it work. But that’s not to say I didn’t ever doubt it.


There are some days it’s near on impossible to get anything done and I used to let those days really set me back. I used to get into this rut and think I couldn’t handle the juggle of looking after my baby and working from home. But then other days I’d feel on top of my game. I guess those were the days that kept me going. And even right up until this point in my life I don’t have a secret to the perfect balance, but it’s the life I’ve chosen, and one I want to keep working at and striving for.



Arlo’s still at home with me every day but now he’s 2, in all honesty, I am not finding the juggle of working from home and looking after him any easier now he’s older. There’s different demands and different juggles with every stage as he grows. But next year I definitely think he’ll be ready for preschool.

We went and looked at a preschool a few weeks ago and I think I’ve decided on that one for next year when Arlo is 3. It’s in walking distance from where we live, I love the activities and projects the little ones get up to, the staff seem great and overall I get a really nice vibe. The manager must be pretty sick of me, I’ve been there twice now looking around and debating nursery for Arlo (soz!) but now I know I’m set on next year. He has grown so much in confidence over the last year and I really think he’s going to love it.




Lists and ticking things off my list has always been enjoyable for me, but recently I’ve started to realise that it’s not enough. I wasn’t actually being as mindful and as present in my day-to-day stuff. Whether it be writing an article, creating content for Instagram, whatever it was on my list – I wasn’t living every day with my goals in my mind.

So I’ve started journaling. Instead of just writing things down, I have started being super reflective of every task I complete. My routine just feels more clearer and together!

Wendy, the Completion Coach  sold me one of her last copies of her ‘Notes To Self Journal’ and only a couple of weeks in, I can safely say, it’s amazing. (She has told me she’ll be releasing a new and updated version next year so watch this space.) But get yourself a good journal, write down your goals, what you want to achieve, practice daily habits so you’re reminding yourself of your goals every day, and go get it. Small steps. But it’s a game changer for a more positive and productive outlook.

Another thing I have been doing is waking up before the boys. I’ve been using this time to just focus on me. Whether it be having a bath, listening to an inspiring podcast, journaling, doing anything that makes me feel good, before mum mode or work mode starts. I don’t use my phone for any social media until I’ve got in a good head space and it really has worked wonders for the day ahead.



Switching back to my baby… Arlo’s in his own room! We’ve co-slept since he was around 6 months and in the last few weeks has made the transition into his own room.  After a lot of perseverance and “the disappearing chair method” (that really did work for us) we have our own bed back!

Ok so not every night does he sleep through, he might come into our bed half way through the night and almost always comes in for a morning cuddle BUT he’s in there. He calls it “Arlo’s Room” he plays in there a lot more now too – it’s so nice to see. It just gives me and my partner some time to us. I can actually spend time in my bedroom now, pottering, sorting out my wardrobe, whatever it is, stuff that I just couldn’t before because he’d be asleep from 7pm onwards in there!

They all do things in their own time, what technique may work for one, won’t for another so I won’t go into advice because a lot of what I was recommended didn’t work for me and I don’t want to ramble on, but keep trying and figuring out what’s best for your child. It’s not a race and they will get there!




This a question that always pops up whenever I do Q&A’s on my stories. We’d love to give Arlo a sibling. I’m an only child and my partner is one of three boys so he knows all too well about having siblings, the friendships and the special bond. There’s moments I feel broody but then there are moments I genuinely question whether I’m cut out to have two children. How will I divide my time? Will it be able to still work from home? Can I go through with labour again? It’s like, the days that I don’t quite feel like supermum I think… imagine feeling like this, but with two kids, and then I’m like let’s just stick with one… Does anyone else do this? I overthink it most definitely. But yes, I want to have another baby and let’s just say I don’t want the gap to be too big…

That’s all for now! Continue following us over on Instagram. And if you are interested in finding out some more about our move from the city to the coast, have a read here.

Lots of love x



  1. Anna
    September 26, 2019 / 5:23 pm

    Fab story! So much of this resonates as a sahm who moved country! And that’s such awesome news on the big boy bed! ??

    • Amelia Cunningham
      September 26, 2019 / 6:57 pm

      Thanks so much for reading! Oh wow on a slightly bigger scale, amazing mama!

  2. Nadia ( Kaylen jaxson mum)
    September 29, 2019 / 3:12 pm

    Love reading this blog. So relatable ??

    • Amelia Cunningham
      November 2, 2019 / 11:10 pm

      Thanks so much!

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