Let’s Change Your Nappy

I have loved changing Arlo since day one and now at 8 weeks old he is extra cute, kicking his legs up in the air smiling up at me. Choosing the right nappies has always been important to me and I’ve tried a couple of different brands over the last two months but for the past week we have been using Kit & Kin’s Eco Nappies.

Kit & Kin use natural and eco friendly materials to produce their nappies but manage to strike the ideal balance between sustainability and comfort. The nappies feel strong and durable but I found the material inside to be particularly soft providing Arlo with lots of comfort.

Size 2 is a perfect fit for Arlo at 2 months old and their resealable tapes on either side easily allow you to comfortably adjust the nappy to your preferred fit.

Kit & Kin’s design is simple, fun and effective. I found the style of their nappies to be completely original as each nappy is plain at the front but there is a cute animal face on the back. We have the fox design but you can choose another from their range online.

I have found Kit & Kin’s nappies to be super absorbent and haven’t had any leakages with them. Everyone has their own way but I like rolling the nappy up when I’m done with it, taping it secure with the resealable tapes and putting it into the nappy sack. Kit & Kin’s nappy sacks are strong and follow the same simple style as their nappies which I found very appealing. If you are like me and like things to match then opt for both their nappies and nappy sacks.

Both their nappies and nappy sacks are biodegradable meaning that with every purchase you are doing your bit for the environment. In addition to this, for every 10 nappy subscriptions they will fund the purchase of one acre of tropical forest through World Land Trust. You can find out more about Kit & Kin’s ‘giving back’ promise on their website www.kitandkin.com.

Keeping Arlo’s skin comfortable, clean and healthy is one of my main priorities and using Kit and Kin’s nappies has given me peace of mind that I am giving his skin the protection it needs.

Next for us to try are Kit & Kin’s Hair & Body Wash and Bubble Bath so keep an eye out for our next post!


You can purchase any of their baby skin care products on their website.

Happy changing!




  1. November 1, 2017 / 8:11 am

    Amazing review…I’ve ordered some to try! x

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