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Do you give your baby snacks?

{In collaboration with Organix

When it comes to weaning our babies  Jodie and I have had very different views up until recently. I don’t know why, but I always had it in my head while I was pregnant and before we began weaning that I would try to avoid giving Arlo pre-packed convenient food where possible. Jodie on the other hand has always had an open mind when it comes to giving Jax shop brought pouches and snacks, feeding him a mixture of homemade and shop brought foods since he was four months old.

Take the word “convenient”. I was put off by a lot of things before I became a mum, but surprisingly the word convenient seemed to me like the lazy option. I laugh at my pregnant self a lot; I think we all remember being a mother before even becoming one. A whole heap of our views and decisions change once we actually start parenting for real. But that word convenient, well, I actually now welcome it with open arms and take it for what it actually is; not lazy, not rubbish parenting, just simply convenient.

And that’s what Organix is. A healthy and tasty brand for your babies, at your convenience.

No, it doesn’t mean your baby is now going to live off snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No, it doesn’t mean you’re feeding them rubbish to make your life easier. And no, it doesn’t mean that your child is going to be unhealthy.

For me it just means that when Arlo is peckish when we are out and about, I can grab one of these snacks out of my bag and keep him satisfied inbetween meals until I come home to prepare his dinner. It just means that he can hold something that’s the perfect size for his tiny little hand with an exciting crunch to go with it! I’m no chef and of course there are other homemade, alternative snacks I could offer him, but with balancing everything else, who’s really got time for that every day!?

So, what our boys really love snacking on recently is something new from the Organix finger foods range, Pea Puffs.


Made from pea and corn, these snacks are suitable from the very first stages of weaning at 6 months.


Jax enjoying digging into his Pea Puffs

These puffs are smartly designed to allow our little ones to get a good grip, perfect for getting them used to putting food in their mouths themselves.


Arlo with his Pea Puffs!

Pea Puffs have the perfect crunch but they also melt in the mouth, putting us mums at ease when watching them take those terrifying big bites!


Jodie and I always like to try the snacks we give our boys first and we know that plenty of mums do the same. We were so impressed with how they literally taste of what they say on the bag- pea and corn. Nothing else is added and you feel completely confident in their no-junk promise with these snacks.

So whether you’re new to this weaning thing and unsure on what to give your baby as a snack, or just want a new snack option for your child, try these pea puffs or something else from the Organix range.


Happy weaning!

Amelia & Jodie x



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