Challenge Accepted: 7 Days of ZENB Vegan Snacks!

It’s safe to say that we enjoy a snack in this house and that’s why I was super excited to team up with ZENB.

ZENB offer plant-based, organic veggie sticks and snacks and pride themselves in packing their products with as much of the veggies as possible.

As a mum, I am always thinking about packing the right nutrients into Arlo’s diet but sometimes my own choice of snacks are either not the healthiest, or non-existent and I just end up waiting for my meals!

So this month I took to the challenge to eat a ZENB Veggie Stick in a different way every day for one week, to see just how easy it could be to incorporate these healthy snacks in my daily life. Challenge accepted!



The ZENB Veggie Sticks are available in four yummy flavours; Carrot, Red Pepper, Pumpkin and Beetroot. ZENB have now launched in the UK and their veggie sticks are delivered at your convenience straight through your door. This is perfect for family life which can get quite busy!

ZENB’s aim is to raise awareness around food waste, showing the importance of using as much of the whole vegetable as possible in their snacks. In doing so, ZENB promote the benefits of leading a plant-based lifestyle with vegetables being their first ingredient. You really feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment when the food you’re eating has a great ethos around being kind to the world we live in!

Apart from the veggie, ZENB uses additional ingredients such as puffed brown rice, red quinoa and almonds to complement and enhance the flavour of the vegetables! In addition to being organic, their snacks are vegan friendly and gluten free.

Their veggie sticks are the perfect snack size, easy to pop in my bag and dig out on-the-go whenever I get peckish.



Usually with plant-based and vegan snacks I have found that the flavours struggle to come through. This being said, I was pleasantly surprised with ZENB’s veggie sticks. The flavour is vibrant from the very first bite and I think they’ve got the texture and the crunch just right! My favourite was the carrot and I found this one to be the most versatile!

There’s something really satisfying about eating something you know is just full of goodness.

I found them really easy to incorporate into our daily routine. Whether we were staying in or heading to our local beach for the day, ZENB veggie sticks were my perfect on-the-go snack.


In case you missed my 7 days of ZENB challenge on my Instagram stories, here is how I got on…



vegan snacks


An afternoon at the park with Arlo and ZENB veggie sticks were such a great snack. Easy to pop in my bag and dig out while I was out and about!



healthy snacks


This might have been my favourite way to get ZENB into my daily routine. I enjoy a morning smoothie and I just added the Carrot Veggie Stick into my normal smoothie, and it was delicious!



veggie snacks


Aside from wanting to make healthier snack choices, I have also been drinking a lot more water throughout the day!




healthy snacks


The perfect post-work out snack after my dance fitness routines!




veggie snacks

Another trip to the park but a picnic this time!




vegan snacks


This was a really yummy way to get ZENB into my daily routine! I have been having more salads for lunch and these veggie sticks gave the perfect crunch and gave my salad lots more flavour! I simply crumbled it over.



healthy snacks


At our favourite spot making the most of what is left of summer! I absolutely loved trying ZENB veggie sticks. Trying therm over the 7 days showed me exactly just how easy it is to incorporate these snacks into your daily life!


If you’re interested in trying out ZENB at your convenience of being delivered straight through your door, you can order a trial box and just pay £2.99 for P&P.

Fortnightly subscription automatically starts after trial. £9.49 per 4-pack. Terms at


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