Surviving a summer pregnancy: Tips on how to get through it

Dreaming of a cold winter’s day or ice on tap? A summer pregnancy can leave you feeling less than glamorous and have you questioning why you ever took those winter months for granted. You are…

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5 Pregnancy Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

No, I’m not pregnant! I originally wrote this for The Bamboo Baby Company  but wanted to share as these were five of must-haves I particularly found useful during my pregnancy! Sometimes we can get so…

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Pregnant at uni: Why I kept it a secret + my struggles

I found out I was pregnant 2 months into my third and final year of uni. No home of my own. No savings. I had been with my partner just short of two years. We…

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My Birth Story and What You Might Expect During Labour & Delivery

Nothing can prepare you fully for the moment you give birth to the tiny little human you’ve been carrying around for nine months. Every woman’s labour and delivery is completely different and that is what…

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Why I Kept My Pregnancy A Secret

There were two main reasons why I kept my pregnancy a secret while I was at university… ~I wasn’t ready to be judged. I know people will always have their opinions and I know not…

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