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Why do people expect a perfect and equal blend of both parents in mixed race children? They expect a certain look and when it’s not apparent, they ask why. Although our babies are only 8…

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My Birth Story and What You Might Expect During Labour & Delivery

Nothing can prepare you fully for the moment you give birth to the tiny little human you’ve been carrying around for nine months. Every woman’s labour and delivery is completely different and that is what…

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First Dose of Nursery Inspo

For those who don’t already know, we moved out into our first home together last month and now that lots of our things are unpacked and in their place, I can start thinking about Arlo’s…

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Where’s Your Dummy?

When I was pregnant there were so many things I said I wouldn’t do. I can just hear myself now “I definitely won’t be breastfeeding” “I definitely won’t be using a dummy” and look at…

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Breastfeeding: Feeding In PUBlic

If you would have asked me a few months ago whether I would breastfeed my baby, my answer would have been no. One of the reasons was the thought of having to breastfeed in public.…

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