My Little Bibdana {Review}

I just love a beautifully packaged delivery and we were lucky enough to get just that from our new go-to brand for stylish, quality bibs- My Little Bibdana.


Our bib came in lovely white tissue paper secured with black and white string and a personal message to Arlo and I.

Arlo is now three months old and I’m finding that he’s starting to dribble and bring up a little bit more milk than usual  so wearing a bib is a MUST to protect his little outfits (although he does always seem to manage to miss the bib- I don’t think he quite gets the concept yet). But I always hated putting on the bibs he already had as I just felt like they ruined his outfits, until now…

I was after a simple but effectively designed bib that didn’t have any clashing bright colours with characters and pictures on the front. My Little Bibdana delivered just that!


They kindly gifted Arlo their Stripe Monochrome Dribble Bib
which I adore! I love the fact it’s black and white, is simply designed and works well with any of his outfits. The bib is 100% cotton and the back of it is finished in a woven brushed Wincyette Flannel, which is snug and soft on Arlo’s skin- perfect for the winter.


If you’re like me and prefer simple, stylish yet effective accessories for your child then you can shop their Monochrome range and the rest of their bib collection here.



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