Beautiful Basics: BeeBooBuzz Review

Becoming a mum has definitely made me more concious of the quality of the products that I buy, especially when it comes to choosing clothes for Arlo, so receiving this package from BeeBooBuzz did not disappoint.


Brightening up a cold and wet morning, our delivery was perfectly wrapped in a navy tissue paper secured with the BeeBooBuzz logo and a personal message, making the experience of opening our package extra special.


Greeted with three long sleeve vests folded beautifully, I was so pleased to find a brand that offers a simple approach to baby clothes. A lot of the time I struggle to find a set of basic tops for Arlo as lots of shops seem to over do it with their designs. BeeBooBuzz offers a three pack of simple, quality vests in a range of great colours for your little boy or girl, all in 100% organic cotton.


You can choose between their Warm or Cool  colour pallete. I opted for their ‘Cool Colours’ option in the end as I decided that they would be perfect for the winter months. They came in three great colours which I have not yet explored on Arlo until now, quite literally bringing a splash of something different and exciting to his wardrobe.


The vests come in a sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve style. I decided to go  for the long sleeve set for Arlo.


The long sleeve style will fit snug under a cardigan, jumper and coat when we are out and about but are also a great choice for keeping the chill off him when we are spending the day at home.


I chose size 3-6 months for Arlo which fits him perfectly now but there is still plenty of room for growth so he’ll get a lots of wear out of them.


As well as a practical choice for your little one these vests are also very practical for parents as they wash at 30 degrees, making them easy for you after wears.


Whether your choosing these vests for your baby or as a gift for somebody else, you will find comfort in the quality of BeeBooBuzz’s range.

Shopping small is something I’ve been doing since having Arlo. Feeling good about the products I choose for him is really important to me and I can really say I am proud to support BeeBooBuzz.

Shop their collection here.

Happy shopping!



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