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Bath time with Slide & Splash Seals

Since a little bubba Arlo has always loved a bath… apart from his very first bath where he wasn’t quite in his element, see photo below.


Bath time is his favourite. It’s never a struggle to get him in, getting him out seems to be the problem. He loves it.

That’s why I was so pleased to be collaborating with Learning Resources again but this time for their new-in bath toy, the Bright Basics – Slide & Splash Seals.


I really enjoy sharing these kinds of posts with you all as I know I love it when I see other people’s toy recommendations. Let’s be honest, they can never have enough and I’m always on the look out for toys that are fun while also helping him to learn new things.

The Slide & Splash Seals do exactly that.

The handy suction cups secures the slide to the side of the bath easily to encourage your little one to slide the seals up and down. When the seals got to the bottom and fell into the water Arlo loved the big splash.


There is tonnes of fun to be had with this toy but you can also help your little one learn a new nursery rhyme with this one. Learning Resources gave me the idea of switching up an old classic and change it to “the wheels on the seals go round n round” instead, we’ve just about managed the “sss” sound.

The toy came with two seal slide pieces which can be used individually or both at the same time…. Of course Arlo couldn’t wait and did both at the same time for a more dramatic splash.


The two seal slide pieces can also be slotted together to make one larger slide, but Arlo enjoyed having both of them as individual ones, the more the better!

After a while he began playing with the seals in the water on their own and was sliding them across the bath panels.


I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone with a toddler who loves splashing about in the bath. Arlo loves anything that slides or moves so this was perfect for him.

A great gift idea for a boy or girl, or a new bath time treat for your own little one. Shop the product here:

This post was written in collaboration with Learning Resources.


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  1. March 24, 2019 / 6:05 pm

    This looks fun. I look forward to my little girl being a toddler and being able to do this sort of thing at bath time. Arlo is clearly enjoying it!

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