Bath Time Bonding

Bath time has become one of my favourite things to do with Arlo. Since conquering that very first dip when he was just one week old, there are no more tears and he seems really content in the water. What makes it even more enjoyable is having a product that you can really trust and actually lives up to what it says on the bottle.

I first got into Aveeno products whilst I was pregnant with Arlo. I suffered with itchy and irritable skin in the third trimester and I used Aveeno Daily Moisturising Bath & Shower Oil on a daily basis which really soothed my skin, particularly at night time. The oil includes colloidal oatmeal which has anti-inflammatory properties so I would definitely reccomend adding a few squirts to your bath each day if you suffer with itchy and irritable skin like I did.


{Towel~ Mothercare Elephant Cuddle n’ Dry}

For Arlo we use Aveeno Baby Daily Care Hair & Body Wash which is soap free making it perfect for sensitive new born skin which is what attracted me to it. It gently cleanses his skin and we are able to use it on his body as well as his hair all in one go leaving him smelling lovely all over.

After a good 5-10 minutes of singing and splashing in the bath, I wrap him up in one of his cuddles towels, lay him down on the bed and we have a further ten minutes of more singing, making funny faces and any other silly things you can probably imagine that you do with a 2 month old baby.


Now for a massage. I gently rub in Aveeno Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion in Arlo’s legs, arms and tummy. It smells delicious and as if a baby’s skin couldn’t feel any softer, it really does leave Arlo’s feeling silky and smooth. His eyes wonder all around whilst he makes his cute gurgle sounds that he has started doing recently. He genuinely seems relaxed afterwards and I would even recommend massaging your baby as a way to relax yourself too; I find it very therapeutic!


Happy bathing!



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