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Baby & Body 6 Months On

I can’t quite believe Arlo is six months old. He hit half a year last Thursday and although I’m not quite ready to accept that he’s no longer my tiny baby, it’s difficult to remember life without him now. It’s true what they say about having children and feeling like you have had them your whole life.

My body is nowhere near what it used to be but do you know what, six months into motherhood I am finally starting to embrace it…

Mum tum 

The loose skin is still flopping around and the stretch marks are still as visible as ever but, who cares? At first I would get sad looking at old photos seeing how my stomach used to look but six months later I feel prouder than ever that I grew Arlo inside of me; what I have been left with is just a reminder of the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I must admit, I’m not quite sure how I am going to feel when I’m no longer able to hide under oversized jumpers and coats. If and when we do get that summer holiday, I’ll have to opt for high-wasted bikini pants (good thing I used to rock this style before motherhood) or I might just play it safe with a swimming costume?

TOP TIP to help tighten your stomach… The two W’s:

Water: Litres of the stuff. I know that in the early days of motherhood it’s hard to live off anything but cold coffee and you’ll be winning if you remember to have lunch, but if there is one thing you should do it is to drink plenty of water. By flushing toxins out of your body, water helps to restore balance. It’s meant to be good for helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks too, but I’m still waiting… You can read more about the right foods to help shift your mum tum here.

Walking: I’m a whole lot more confident going out and about with my baby now he’s six months. Walking with Arlo is one of my favourite things to do and I must admit that I’ve seen a difference in my bottom since walking at any given opportunity. Walking also helps to reduce stress levels, gives you both a change of scenery, breaks up the day if you don’t have any plans and there is nothing like a bit of fresh air if you need a pick-me-up.


I’ve pretty much accepted that my breasts won’t ever look the same as they did before I fell pregnant and breastfeeding Arlo has brought about more changes to them. When you fall pregnant your breasts start enlarging from 6-8 weeks and as they begin to grow you may even develop stretch marks on them. You can read more about the changes your breasts may go through during pregnancy here. Wearing the correct bra size with a tonne of support will help your breasts keep their shape.


What he loves…

Bath time He just loves splashing about in there.

He has thing for walls When I’m carrying him he loves running his hand along the walls.

Crazy frog Yes, we have an annoying crazy frog toy that’s probably on repeat at any given chance but he works wonders, Arlo loves him.

Grabbing something and hitting it on something else I think I was a pots and pans baby and it looks like Arlo’s heading the same way; he just loves making noise with his toys and hitting things together.

Cuddles and being close to mummy and daddy He has not quite mastered independent play yet and wants us down on the floor playing with him and just being close by. He loves our touch and the feeling of being in our arms.


Waking just once a night for feeding (still breastfeeding).

Rolling from one side of the room to another.

Eating banana and broccoli. We started solids last weekend and these two B’s have been on the menu morning and night since. I am looking forward to trying different fruit and veg over the next few days.


Here’s to the next six months and party planning for the big number 1!




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