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I’ve seen quite a few people do this and I wanted to join in the fun so last week I asked my Instagram followers for their assumptions about me. I asked them to be as honest as possible so I could come back with some answers to them, so here goes…

You don’t take no shit

This one made me laugh, purely because it’s true.

I’ve never taken shit and never plan on taking any shit, from anybody! But it’s quite funny that this assumption came up a few times so I wondered what it was about me that gave off that impression, after all it’s only in recent weeks I’ve started speaking on stories… maybe it’s a vibe you can get from photos. Or more specifically my captions- I can be quite straight talking and like to be as honest and real as possible otherwise what’s the point. But yes you’re right, I don’t take any shit.

I thought you were my age (30) you’re very mature and wise

Now that is a first! It was only the other week I was banging on about how I am always told how young I look on my stories! I have taken being called wise as a real big compliment. I really like to think I am wise and even at 23 with lots to learn I also feel like I have experienced a whole heap to give me a maturer outlook on life.

You are the decision maker in your relationship

I can see why you might think that. I am quite strong willed but no, I’d say we work as a team and the decisions are always made together. I am really lucky to be with someone that backs me 100% with whatever I’m doing, he is truly my biggest supporter and believes in me just like I believe in him. We have a great understanding and I am so grateful of just how hard he works while he lets me do my thing from home.

You come across friendly and sociable 

Actually not so sociable. Motherhood has given my social life a real backseat, it’s kinda non existent if I’m being honest. My son and partner are who I spend most of my time with- with the odd day off to do something with a friend (very rare).

I am going to do a blog post soon about how friendships can change when you become a mum- I’ve had lots of messages about people feeling lonely and finding it hard to make friends and hopefully it’ll be a post a lot of you can resonate with.  Which kind of leads me nicely onto the next one…

You have your shit together

This is also amazing to hear but oh so far from the truth on some days. I really don’t always have it together. I’m a stay at home mum to a toddler and some days I don’t get dressed, the house is a tip and Arlo’s watched Frozen on repeat the whole day. But then other days I’m super productive and feel like a bloody superwoman. It’s all about balance.

Fab mum and pay a lot of attention to Arlo 

I’m just trying my best so that’s so so lovely to hear. I always worry that with working from home he’s not always going to get my full attention but I try and get the majority done when he’s asleep for the night, or napping in the day. It’s so hard juggling it, so thank you.

When I first messaged you I didn’t think you would reply back because you’ve got loads of followers 

I really didn’t like reading that. Recently I hit my 10k milestone on Instagram and I am so grateful for all the love, support, messages and comments which have helped me get me to where I am. I love sharing my journey in motherhood with you all on there and I would never ever not reply back to someone because I’ve got a load of followers. I know it’s sometimes impossible to reply to everyone there’s just not the time, but I always try to make the time to reply back if I can. I love speaking to different mums on Instagram, the support network on there is amazing!

You are super confident 

I always get told this, and I guess to an extent I am confident but we all have our insecurities and at times I can be really shy and not confident at all. I get super nervous meeting new people, and hosting my first Mums That Meet event next month is giving me all kinds of anxiety because I’ve never done anything like that before but I guess deep down I am confident because I wouldn’t have set it up in the first place.

You look really fun to be around

Yes I light up a room. Joking. I like to have a laugh and anyone that knows me will say the same- I’m really glad that comes across.

Thanks everyone!



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