All the Autumn Feels: Ideas for textures, tastes and sights for your baby this Autumn

I don’t know about you, but I have my arms wide open, ready to welcome Autumn. The cozy nights, pumpkin spiced lates, halloween and all the fun it brings; I am so ready for the new season ahead! I think we can all agree that this year has been nothing like we have ever known. Summer and spring kind of mangled into one and making the most of a bad situation wasn’t always possible… But a new season is just around the corner and it’s one that will bring lots of joy to our little ones!

Autumn is full of wonderful seasonal tastes and sights making it a really different and exciting time for babies who are ready to explore. Here are some baby friendly ideas that will get their senses going and give you both all the autumn feels…


Vibrant Fallen Leaves

Do something different on your next stroll out this Autumn and collect the vibrant, crisp fallen leaves. Your baby will love looking at all the different colourful shades and crunching or throwing them up in the air will provide endless fun!

Activity tip: Introduce your baby to some arts and crafts by making a big Autumn leaf collage with all of the leaves you have collected. This is a great activity not only just for you and baby but for the whole family if you have any other older children who can get involved too! Just invite your child to stick down all the leaves onto a big sheet of card and paper to make a vibrant Autumn art piece!

Seasonal favourites

Conkers, pinecones, acorns… they are all certain to bring lots of fun to those curious minds and busy little hands! These autumnal favourites can be spotted on your walks. Your baby will love exploring these new and intriguing objects.

Activity tip: Gather your findings into Tupperware or just an empty clear drinks bottle and create your very own sensory bottles that your baby can shake and look at!

Supervision at all times to ensure nothing goes in their mouths!

Pick and paint a Halloween staple

The perfect autumn outdoor activity for you and your baby this year could be a trip to your nearest pumpkin patch! There are lots of farms offering beautiful spaces for people to come and pick their very own pumpkins. Don’t forget to have a fully charged phone as you won’t want to miss out on capturing your little one with the pumpkins!

Activity tip: Bring the ultimate Halloween staple to life with some paint and brushes and spend some time getting creative with your baby to give your pumpkins a real scare factor! The perfect sensory activity for your baby to get stuck into and you will be surprised how much you will enjoy it too.

baby in a pumpkin.jpeg

Sweet Autumnal Delight

Blackberries are a wonderful, sweet and punchy fruit that thrive in the Autumn months. There are lots about on bushes and trees so it would be worth having a good look when you are next out with your baby! Picking some could be a cute activity for you to do with baby, not to mention they are packed full of goodness!

Yummy tip: Once picked and washed, your baby may enjoy them mushed as a sweet desert or snack. If you have toddlers or babies that are eating solids already, they may enjoy this fruit on it’s own!

Stay warm and most importantly have fun and enjoy all this new season has to offer with your baby!

{This article was originally written by me for Cloud & Cuckoo}


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