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About Me

uk mum blogger

I’m Amelia, Journalist, Blogger and a twenty-something mum to my son, Arlo Maxwell. After finding out I was pregnant during my final year of university, it’s safe to say that balancing my studies with pregnancy didn’t give me much time to prepare for motherhood. 

After my partner and I graduated from university (our graduation ceremony literally consisted of me praying that my waters didn’t break while I was on stage), I decided to fully embrace this supportive online mum community and I set up this blog to share my experiences and challenges as fairly young, first-time mum. 

Shortly after having Arlo we then threw another change into the mix and decided to swap the city for the coast. We moved out of London are now based in our first family home in Kent.

uk mum blogger

I am a trained Journalist and work from home as a Blogger and a Freelance Family & Lifestyle writer. Find out how we can work together here. If you would like to collaborate or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you, you can email me at