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A new way of buying clothes for your baby: On-season and super cute

{In collaboration with Bundlee}

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that last week I tried a brand new and exciting way to receive new clothes for Arlo. We tried and tested our first ever Bundlee.

Bundlee are the UK’s number one baby clothing rental service. 

Renting baby clothes? Now there was a concept I’d never even thought about since becoming a mum. Something that I have thought about though, all too often, is how fast Arlo grows out of his clothes. 

You must be familiar with the overflowing pile of outgrown clothes that you put off sorting out for weeks until you just can’t walk past it anymore. So when I discovered Bundlee, I thought now there is a solution that could help me not only reduce the amount of clothes I’m having to sort through once he’s outgrown them, but most importantly, reduce how much I’m throwing out every month. You can read more on The Clothes Problem here. 

Before I go any further about how it works, I just want to state that the clothes in our bundlee completely matched up to the brilliance of the idea of this new way to buy your baby’s clothes. As parents we can be quite apprehensive about trying something new for our children, and I wouldn’t say to you that you won’t ever make a trip to buy baby clothes at the supermarket or high street shops again. Of course there will always be something else you need. But the standout part of this brilliant idea, for me, was the clothes and just how lovely they are. 

If like me, you are bored of the designs, the styles, the lack of choice, and the poor quality when it comes to the essential items you need for your baby’s wardrobe in the supermarkets, like bodysuits, vests, joggers, leggings, then Bundlee just might be for you. Subtle designs and styles all in bang-on-season colours and prints, Bundlee have got it so right. 

How does it work?

Bundlee is available for your baby from 0-2 years and every 3 months you will receive a bundle of 15 high quality cotton clothes, curated with your baby’s size and the changing seasons. 

On your chosen delivery date, your first bundlee will arrive and I have to admit that there was something quite special about receiving a package full of clothes, and not knowing exactly what was inside- the surprise of it really adds to the experience. 

The rental peiod is 3 months, but you can get the next size up quicker or slower than the 3 months depending on the rate of your baby’s growth. A free returns mailing bag comes with your bundlee and a checklist to help you remember which clothes to return, you can then drop the parcel off at any post office. 

Once you have returned the clothes, Bundlee professionally clean them. Clothes that pass quality control will then be sent to the next renting family to be enjoyed. If the clothes have got stains that can’t be removed etc. they won’t be passed on and instead Bundlee will recycle them. This was also a standout factor, I’m guilty of chucking old stained outgrown clothes in the bin, and doing my bit for the environment with Bundlee will really make a difference. 

What was inside and how did we style it?

{For a full unboxing video go to my Instagram page and watch my Bundlee highlights}


For our morning at the park, I paired Bundlee navy leggings with the matching navy long sleeve. The top is an essential for your baby’s wardrobe and features easy to fasten poppers. This type of basic is perfect for layering and styling with leggings like the ones in our bundlee, or any other bottoms you have at home already. This outfit was perfect for a morning at the park, comfortable and super cute.



Bundlee’s sweater in a camel colour was a popular piece on Instagram with lots of great reaction when I shared it. I styled with their black joggers which made the complete look so on-trend and on-season.

IMAGE 4.jpg

This matching set also got a lot of reaction on Instagram. I love this colour with the pinestrips running through, simple but stylish and not a colour I’ve seen very much of in the boys section in the shops.

IMAGE 5.jpg


A basic t-shirt and a pair of joggers are my go-to for days spent playing side. This Bundlee black and white striped t-shirt is an essential which not only looks super cute, but fits him so well too. I styled our Bundlee t-shirt with a pair of green joggers, an example of how easy it is to mix and match.

IMAGE 1.jpg

The leggings in our bundlee were also very easy to mix and match. I love these grey leggings in a cute star print design, they were super easy to style with this grey denim shirt he already had. These were a perfect fit too, and I love how they cuff at the ankles. This was the outfit used for last week’s #WearItLikeItsWednesday – my new hashtag to show off our little one’s outfits every week, old or new!

IMAGE 2.jpg

Our first bundlee did not disappoint and I’m already looking forward to what we are going to recieve next- if you’re intrigued by Bundlee and want to join their community of parents, find out more by going to their website


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