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A New Life By The Sea

I never imagined that I would be seeing in the end of 2017 in my first home by the sea but finding out I was pregnant late last year gave me the motivation to save up and the determination to find our first family home.

I knew that with the current housing costs in London that we wouldn’t be able to get a home in the city so I was forced to look elsewhere. After a spontaneous trip to Kent’s coast for my birthday earlier this year it was honestly love at first sight. Everything from the harbour and the beach to the wide tree-lined streets, I adored our new find and after just one weekend I set my heart on finding us a home there.

Being on maternity leave I spent most of my days looking into the options available for us as first time buyers. I knew it would be tricky as graduates with only a bit of savings behind us but then it honestly all happened so quickly. Within a few weeks we found a property that seemed perfect and we had secured a viewing. Before we knew it we had been approved for a mortgage and a completion date was in our reach.

Within four months we were all moved in and starting a new chapter together by the coast. It is a HUGE change to the hustle and bustle of city life but as a new mum I can honestly say I am loving it and have been glad to swap the tube for long walks by the sea. London served its purpose for me while I was at uni and going out every weekend but now life has taken a new turn. Becoming a mum I had to think about what was going to be best for Arlo in the long run and the quality of life we will have by the sea. It was sad to leave our family but with great transport connections into London we can be there in less than an hour.

I’ll be uploading my first vlog all about how we were able to get onto the property ladder, what help to buy scheme we used, and five top tips for anyone looking to move into their own place for the first time so keep an eye out for that.

But for now here are five differences that I’ve noticed during the transition from city life to a new life by the sea…

1. People actually say good morning. It is true what they say, moving to a smaller town you really do notice how friendly the people are. In London everyone is on a mission and even I would avoid all human contact at all costs when commuting about in the city but living here I’m happy to smile at strangers and say good morning.

2. Getting milk is a bit of a mission. In London your spoilt for choice for convenient stores. You are literally greeted with one on every corner but here I would say they could benefit with a few more convenient shops. Getting full on ready to get some milk is a bit of an effort.

3. On a week day you can have Primark to yourself. I’m a sucker for Primark and if I go there during the week it’s DEAD! Anyone familiar with Primark stores in London knows all to well about the madness. Thinking about taking a trip to primark used to give me anxiety. It’s ridiculosuly nice to have a good look around in PEACE here.

4. Lack of choice. This might sound like a weird one but I am FULLY embracing not being overwhelmed with choice. I actually like having just a handful of restaurants, bars and shops to choose from in our closest town. With city life brings so much choice and sometimes choosing where to shop or eat requires a lot of effort.

5. I can breathe. No in all seriousness the air in London is actually not okay. You hear it enough on the news about how dirty the air in the city is and it wasn’t until I became a mum I really took any notice of it. Breathing in sea air is such a luxury right now. You really do notice the difference; I feel so much healthier.

I’ll finish with a sunset photo captured a few sunday’s ago whilst walking home and one tip for anyone thinking about moving away to the coast, take a risk as you really may end up surprising yourself!


I would love to hear about any of your experiences of moving to a new town so please feel free to share on the comments below!



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  1. December 5, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    Living by the sea is a dream of mine. I’ve never been much of a city girl, I love calm, quiet neighbourhoods, where everyone knows one another. Congratulations on the purchase of your first home! I’m excited to learn the tips and tricks you have in store for us.

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