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A day in the life of a working stay at home mum

When I started working from home earlier this year, life suddenly became very different. Any parent who works from home will tell you that it’s a challenge, especially if their kids aren’t in nursery. Finding a balance can be tough but having a routine is key. Just like you would when you’d go out to work before, having the same kind of mentality definitely makes it easier.

Here I share my average day as a working stay at home mum. This routine of course changes when we have plans but this is how it usually goes down in our house when I am at home working with Arlo.


I get up and give Arlo his bottle. He falls back to sleep normally until 7.30am (so do I of course…) 


Time to wake up. We go into the living room/kitchen (it’s all in the same room as it’s open plan) and Arlo starts playing with his toys while I make a coffee and get his breakfast sorted. 


He eats his breakie and I gulp down my coffee while checking emails, replying to messages and checking Instagram and my blog. I then get him washed and dressed for the day. 


Daddy’s left for work so me and Arlo start playing with his toys and when I get a moment I begin planning what work I’m going to do for the day, whether it be for clients, my own blog, or Instagram stuff.


Arlo’s usually ready for his first nap of the day. While he’s asleep I’ll use this time to get myself ready and dressed. I’ll then clean up all the stuff from breakfast and tidy up a bit around the house. Sometimes if I have time before he wakes up I’ll make a start on my work. 


Out we go. I always like to break up the day even if it’s just a walk out to the shops and I let Arlo have a run around in the park on the way, or we go down to sea front for a walk. I like feeding Arlo his lunch outside as well while the weather’s still ok. I’ll either get something out or wait till a bit later on to have mine.


After lunch we head home. I tidy up then we play some more. By this time, he’s usually happy to play independently for a while so I use this opportunity to get my laptop out and start making some calls. Obviously this always doesn’t go to plan and I end up apologising for my noisy baby who is currently hanging off my leg. 


Arlo usually goes for his second and final nap of the day around this time. I will try to avoid doing anything round the house and dedicate this time for more work- specifically calls as the house is quiet. 


Arlo wakes up. He usually watches one of his favourite films at this time so I can make a start on dinner.


Daddy’s home! Usually we try and eat altogether if I’ve made something that we can all have so Arlo sits in his high chair with us around the table. 


Bath time. Arlo’s favourite. Daddy and me both get involved- or sometimes he does it by himself. This is usually my social media time where I do some catching up on the gram.


Arlo’s bedtime. He used to go to bed around 7 but he started napping later on in the day and doesn’t settle down till about 8 now. We find this works well as he’s started to sleep in later till 7.30am. . I usually get Arlo to sleep and his dad clears up the kitchen after dinner (some nights we swap).


Now to catch up and spend time with Arlo’s dad, unless there’s work I need to complete or things I need to do around the house i.e ironing etc. Yawn. Vino anyone? 

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