7 tips for moving to a new area with a baby

Moving to a brand new area with a baby definitely comes with its challenges and initially was very daunting for me as a first time mum.

Not only have you just had a baby and getting used to being a new mum, you are then faced with a brand new area to settle in to.

It’s certainly not easy starting out somewhere new so don’t expect or put too much pressure on yourself to begin with. There is no rush to become an expert on your new area or to make lots of new friends either.

A few months in and I’m feeling a whole lot more settled so I have compiled a list of top tips for anyone looking to move to a new area with their baby or just recently has.

1.Register with your local health visitor service

I found the health visitor service to be really useful. They come over to your house and introduce the local services available to you. They are on hand to answer any questions you might have whether it be about you, or your baby. It was really comforting to know that there is professional advice available to me in my new area whenever I needed it.

2. Register to your local GP right away

This is really important to do so that you have a doctors surgery to go to if you need it. Of course you can get emergency appointments if neccassary but it’s better to be registered already especially if your little one has any immunisations due.

3. Find out where all of the local children centres are

It’s good to know where they are incase you want to join any of their groups or make use of any of their sessions. Most centres having weigh-in clinics if you want to get your baby weighed and can also be a good place to meet other mums.

4. Join mother and baby groups

We all know that motherhood can be quite lonely at times so joining a group or two can be a great way for you to socialise with other mums. Even if you don’t go every week it’s a great excuse to get out the house and a good way for your baby to interact with other children.

5. Join Facebook groups for mums in your local area

As you know we live in a world of social media but sometimes this can be a good thing for mums relocating to a new area. It’s a great way for you to interact and meet other mums in your area and keep up to date with things to do (some groups may even organise meet ups for you to go to).

6. Make an effort to get out and about most days

Especially in the beginning, getting out and exploring the area is a great way to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings.

7. Research the best places to visit locally 

Finding your nearest park, child friendly cafe, and restaurant nearby will give you a list of places to visit with your baby. It gets you out and will also give you a chance to meet other mums.

 Happy moving!




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