6 ways to make Halloween fun in 2020

{This post was originally written by me for Mia & Ben}

It’s the season of pumpkins, tricks, candy, ghosts and zombies but with everything that’s happening in the world, it doesn’t have to stop at these Halloween staples.

With social distancing and restrictions in place, it is definitely safer to dodge the well loved activity of trick or treating this year. In its place, here are 6 different ways you and your family can still have a spooky and exciting Halloween that the kids will love just as much!

Make or buy your very own Halloween piñata

Just because we can’t go out trick or treating with our family and friends doesn’t mean the kids need to miss out on all the sweet treats! Why not buy or create your very own Halloween piñata? Fill it with their favourite sweets and let your little ones take turns hitting it until all of the good stuff falls out!


Pick your own pumpkin

Heading out to pick your own pumpkins can still be in your plans this year. Locate your nearest pumpkin farm and just double check their Covid restrictions/rules before planning your day. Bring your pumpkins to life through fun arts and crafts back at home which the whole family can get involved in! Use some paints and carve out some really spooky pumpkin faces to decorate your home.

Go on a Halloween hunt

Think Easter but in October. Simply swap the chocolate eggs for candy and set up a Halloween hunt in the comfort of your own home. Scatter around the sweets around your home leaving clues along the way. Your little ones can still have their buckets and will love discovering their favourite sweets dotted around your home.


Spot the pumpkin

While Trick or Treating will have to go on hold this year, you could still go out and enjoy your neighbourhood this Halloween. Keep your distance on a walk with your family and instead of knocking you could do some pumpkin spotting! Lots of households have pumpkins in their windows so you could go out and play a fun game of spot the pumpkin. Your little ones may enjoy keeping a tally while still making the most of the spooky decorations in your area!


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Spooky story Zoom session

We are all probably used to using Zoom and other video call services to keep in touch with our loved ones over the past few months so why not use it this Halloween? Before the call, get a few spooky Halloween themed stories to read out during your video session. You could all take it in turns to read out to the kids.


You can still dress up 

You can still treat your kids to some fun Halloween costumes this year which they can show off to family and friends through pictures, videos or even a live video call. You could have your very own virtual Halloween party for the whole family to enjoy!

Have a great Halloween whatever you get up to!


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