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5 Outdoor Adventures To Improve Literacy Skills This Summer

Arlo has really started to take an interest in his books and loves sitting down with me and pointing at the different pictures and practicing words.

It’s a way off before I have to start thinking about his literacy skills, but I have wondered how he will keep up his reading and writing in the half terms and holidays.

If you’re already at that stage here is my article for Little Letters all about how you can ensure they are getting enough practice… out in the open with plenty of fun to be had!



With the summer holidays just around the corner, as parents it can be quite a task planning different things to do with the kids. Getting outdoors is always a great place to start. Fresh air, exercise and a good change of scenery are the simple things which make a successful day in the great outdoors.

While we want our kids to have as much fun as possible, keeping up their summer reading and not letting them forget all their literacy skills is important too. 

Here is a list of 5 outdoor adventures that will not only bring tonnes of fun but will also upkeep and improve your child’s literacy skills this summer…


There is nothing quite like enjoying all that nature has to offer so why not find out where your nearest nature reserve is and head down there this summer. Nature walks are an engaging learning experience for kids which will definitely stimulate their senses. Get them talking about the things you can hear, see, feel and touch along your walk.

LITERACY ACTIVITY: Bring your camera along with you so you can take lots of photos of the trees, rocks, plants, and birds. Print your photos out when you get home and for a fun memory task you can ask your child to label each photo and describe what they can see in the photo in a few sentences.


things to do

What better way to spend the summer holidays outdoors with a load of good food… and books. Have your very first ‘Booknic’ this summer.

LITERACY ACTIVITY:Pack for a picnic as you normally would but this time take a few new reads with you and enjoy reading as a family over some lunch in the sunshine! You can do this from your own garden or head to your local park.


A scavenger hunt is an activity that the whole family will enjoy this summer. Better yet, your children will love working through lists and ticking things off, especially when there are great prizes to be won at the end.

LITERACY ACTIVITY: Create a list of things for your children to find in the garden or even in the park- it really is up to you what you include. Divide the children into groups and give a list of items to both groups. Give them a time limit. A real fun way to practice their reading without them really realising it while also keeping them active.


things to do this summer with the kids

Organise a camping night with one of your child’s friends or even suggest camping out in the garden with their siblings. Your child will love the idea of spending the night outside in their very own tent.

LITERACY ACTIVITY: Make the ‘ultimate camping survival kit’ list and get your child involved in choosing everything they need for their first night as a camper. Encourage them to really think about why they need each item. Afterwards you could ask them to describe their camping experiences writing down words and/or drawing pictures.



Kids will love a fun day out at the zoo. Seeing their favourite different animals up close is very exciting but can also be very educational too.

LITERACY ACTIVITY:Organise a family trip to your local zoo and before you set off ask your child to make a list of all the animals they would like to see. Once you are there encourage your child to tick the animals off as you see them while writing down one fun fact they have found out from visiting each animal. When you get home you can help them create their own ‘day at the zoo’ book with lots of photos and fun animal facts.




  1. July 7, 2019 / 7:40 pm

    What a great post with some fabulous ideas! I’ll definitely be trying out the book picnic! xo

  2. July 17, 2019 / 1:36 pm

    lovely post with some lovely ideas. We take books an mark making resources out with us where ever we go, I especially like the ‘Booknic’ idea. Dana x x

  3. August 30, 2019 / 1:15 pm

    Hi Amelia, I came across your feed on instagram and have really enjoyed reading your posts so here I am at your blog! I love this post as its such an important topic. Being that foundation for our kids’ first steps of learning and providing them with stimulating activites is so important. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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