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5 eye-opening lessons I learned in the first year of motherhood

I now have a 1 year old. Where did that year go? 12 months of motherhood. 12 months of Arlo. The light of my life. My purpose.

We celebrated with a day out at a wildlife park, lots of family time and a bundle of new toys which have since made themselves very comfortable in the playroom (what used to be my living room). Oh and cake!  A really, really yummy cake from Bakerdays who kindly gifted Arlo’s 1st birthday cake.

Bakerdays specialise in personalised cakes for every occasion which can be delivered next day anywhere in the UK. Arlo’s first cake experience was with his very own Dinosaur Party Cake.

We received his birthday cake in time for his special day and upon arrival, I must admit that I did wonder how a birthday cake had just fitted through my letterbox. Once I opened it and saw it was one of their letterbox gift cakes, it was a lovely surprise to receive a cake that was the perfect size for him to get his little hands in. 



Bakerdays offers a really unique way of delivering cakes through the post, and, as it is packaged securely in a tin, the cake remains undamaged and is a great gift idea for someone special. There are of course other sizes for you to choose from online- you can opt for small, medium or large.


1st birthday cake


Arlo’s Dinosaur Party Cake was as bold and bright as it looked online and the fun dinosaur designs, along with the text on on the icing, were perfect. You can choose from several fillings online, but we went for their traditional sponge filling- the buttercream was delicious. 


1st birthday cake

I’d definitely recommend Bakerdays personalised cake service for your next big occasion- their site is so easy to use and with customisable cakes for all celebrations, it makes choosing a cake for a special someone a whole lot easier. 

You can check out all of their cakes at

1st birthday cake


Here I share 5 eye-opening things I have learned in my first year of motherhood, see if you agree…

Balance is key

Remembering who I was and what I liked doing was so hard to do in the beginning. I’d say from around 6 months I started to feel like me again and that’s when I realised that you can’t have everything all at once. Prioritising your time to have some time away from being mum, whether it’s with your partner, by yourself or with friends, is so important. Whether it’s treating yourself to something new or having 30 mins in the bath to shave your legs and wash your hair- balance is key! 

It can wait 

The washing, the cleaning, it can wait. I’ve learnt that you don’t get those precious moments back, so I learnt to lap it all up, the cuddles, the cluster feeds where I feel like all I was doing was breastfeeding- love it, love every second of it. Everything else can wait. 

Me and my partner are stronger than we knew 

Having a baby puts untold amounts of pressure on your relationship. It can be really intense and stressful- There’s just no preparing for it- you just have to sort of go with it. I have learnt that Arlo’s dad and I are stronger than I ever thought we were or could be. He’s been my rock and my biggest supporter. 

Patience is a virtue

Even though Arlo’s not long turned 1 and I know I’m in store for a whole lot more of my patience being tested- these past 12 months have given this expression a whole new meaning. Breastfeeding– patience. Sleep training- patience. Weaning- patience. Patience really is a virtue and every day brings a new challenge and what was difficult one day- will be easy the next, so as someone who wouldn’t consider themselves to have had a lot of patience, this first year has taught me, I really have no choice in the matter. 

To not be so hard on myself 

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, cot sleeping or cosleeping, we are all parenting how our babies need us to parent. I have learnt to not give myself such a hard time. My choices are well, they’re my choices. If he’s had bad night, if he’s got a cold, I’ve haven’t got to be so hard on myself!

Here’s to the next 12 months!


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  1. Jane
    September 22, 2018 / 6:47 pm

    Here’s to the next phase ! So proud of you dealing with parenthood in such a manner that seems so natural to you ! You are coping just fine ! Patience is a virtue… little do your readers know you are isolated from your family connections as London just was not affordable for you as couples starting out ! Crazy times and sad times for young capable graduates! Xxx

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