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5 Affordable Baby Proofing Products

Before you know it, your baby will be on the move and you’ll soon learn to have eyes at the back of your head. But sometimes that just isn’t enough, so to put your mind at rest and make your home a baby safe environment, I have listed my top 6 affordable baby proofing products that we have tried and tested in our home for Arlo.

I always think why pay more? Amazon is a complete life saver when it comes to affordable bits and pieces for your home and it has come up trumps once again with its baby proofing products.



If like Arlo, your baby is completely obsessed with the TV unit or holding himself up on sharp corned pieces of furniture around the home, these corner protecters are a must for baby proofing. They come with near enough invisible tape and are very easy to secure onto all four corners of your furniture.



Our home is open plan so our living room and kitchen share the same space and once Arlo began crawling there was no stopping him wriggling into the kitchen and opening all of the cupboard doors. These magnetic safety locks are amazing for baby proofing!

They are fitted easily onto the inside of the cupboard door and only open with a magnetic circular key. It does take some getting used to but is definitely worth the peace of mind knowing your little one won’t be able to get out the pots and pans every five seconds.

You can either have it on child-lock mode when your baby is crawling around or you can simply use it as you normally would and have it unlocked just by a flick of a switch.



From the reaction on my Instagram stories recently, I discovered I wasn’t alone in my constant battle of guiding Arlo away from the TV unit.

To be truthful there has been a few near disasters, so as soon as I found out about these straps (thanks Instagram) we got them straight away. No more tug-of-war after baby proofing the TV!



Arlo is about to make the transition from his bath seat onto this non slip mat and what attracted me to it was that it’s non-toxic and antibacterial, as well as machine washable. With its cute ducks design, it’s now on sale- reduced to £11.99.



Like I mentioned, Arlo’s obsession with doors and opening and closing them is REAL. These foam door stoppers are really good and can save those tiny little hands being trapped.

You could opt for some plain white ones

Or fun animal ones perfect for their bedroom



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